2023-2024 Belen entrance prep course
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2022 Terranova Test Prep
2021-2022 Lourdes-Columbus-St Brendan-LaSalle prep course
2021-2022 ISEE Belen Entrance Prep Course
2022-2023 Lourdes-Columbus-St Brendan- LaSalle Prep Course
2022-2023 Belen Entrance Prep Course
2023-2024 Lourdes-Columbus-St Brendan-LaSalle Prep Course
2023-2024 Belen entrance prep course
Teacher of the Year 2005
St. Brendan High School 1988

Specialized Tutoring

Flores Academy is dedicated to providing intense, thorough and precise tutoring in the areas of Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Science and Language Arts.  We guide your child from elementary into middle school, through high school and to college.  The foundation that we provide will give your child the boost they need to excel in any subject.  Our children are very smart in this fast-paced technological world.  As parents, it's our responsibility to give them the extra confidence and ability to compete with everyone in both the college world as well as the world beyond college.  Flores Academy can help you with the tutoring through school as well as planning for the future.


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