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2023 HSPT Prep Course (Lourdes, Columbus, St Brendan, LaSalle, McCarthy
2023 ISEE (6th and 9th) Belen, Carrolton, Westminster, Gulliver entrance prep course
2024 Terranova Prep Course
2024 HSPT Prep Lourdes-Columbus-St Brendan-LaSalle-, McCarthy
2024 ISEE 6th and 9th Prep Course (Belen, Carrollton, Westminster, Gulliver, Ransom
2025 Terranova Prep Course
2025 HSPT Prep (Lourdes, Columbus, St Brendan, LaSalle, McArthy,
2025 ISEE (6th and 9th) Belen, Carrollton, Westminster, Gulliver, Ransom
2026 Terranova Prep Course
2026 HSPT (Lourdes, Columbus, St Brendal, LaSalle, McArthy
2026 ISEE (6th and 9th) Belen, Carrollton, Westminster, Gulliver, Ransom
2027 Terranova Prep Course
2027 HSPT (Lourdes, Columbus, St Brendan, LaSalle, McArthy
2027 ISEE (6th and 9th) Belen, Carrollton, Westminster, Gulliver, Ransom

Flores Academy was established in 2005.  Our mission is to help parents and their children succeed in school and in the competitive educational as well as the professional market.  Each child is different and has different needs.  Flores Academy provides different levels of tutoring.  We offer self-study for the disciplined student, guided practice for the child that needs reinforcement, and intensive, remedial instruction for those that require additional assistance.

List of services provided:

Belen Entrance exam prep course
Catholic Entrance Exam Prep Courses (Lourdes, Columbus, St. Brendan, La Salle)
ACT Prep Courses
IOWA (ITBS) Prep Courses
   Middle School
   Algebra I
   Algebra II
   Life Science
   Physical Science


Our Goals
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To make each client feel like the only client.
  • To help each child achieve their personal goals, with the help from GOD.